Surprise Christmas can make or break my day.



It’s springtime, right? Wrong.

We’re supposed to be in the middle of a huge spring blizzard around these parts, and I spent many, many minutes watching the storm creep closer and closer to the city last night before bed.

Let me explain.

I have this thing about snow days. I like them. A lot.

I know, right? Probably the most obvious statement ever conceived. But you don’t even know.

The possibility of a snow day will either throw me into a dizzying state of euphoria in the morning, or turn me into a raging dragon lunatic, depending on whether I get one or not. This was no exception this morning, and therefore, it’s already been quite an emotional day.

But let’s back up a little bit. Last night, all the weather people were like, “Take shelter! Save yourselves! This storm is going to amass multiple feet of snow and also lots of wind! Everyone will get a snow day no matter what, and everyone will probably die as well!”

And so I thought, cool, definitely a snow day. Which made me pretty excited, but it did enable me to actually go to sleep last night. Normally, I’m so nervous about whether or not it will happen that I can’t sleep at all. I keep peeking at the massive pine tree outside our bedroom window to see if it’s green or white.

This is not to say that I actually got a lot of sleep last night. Those weathermen were right about the wind part. It huffed and puffed and knocked things around, and I woke up probably five or six times due to all the blowing. And I thought, good. More wind = more snow.

So imagine my incredible disgust when I was awakened at 5 a.m. by the wind, again, and I worked up the courage to peek through the shades at our tree outside.


No snow to be seen. Anywhere.

I flopped back down in my bed, and my husband rolled over. He peeked through the shades, too, and I know I saw him try to scoot away from me. He knew what was coming.

It was this:


This is not an exaggeration. So after about fifteen minutes of fuming and some crying and lamenting how incredibly unfair it was that there was no snow and therefore no snow day, I rolled over, and my husband went back to sleep.

I did not go back to sleep. I was too angry. I just curled up in a ball and lay like a red-hot stone in our bed, radiating hatred out into the universe.

My alarm went off at 6 a.m., and I was still staring daggers into the wall. I smacked it off, and got my phone. I punched in the snow line number. I had to hear them say it. Say that there was no snow day. I wanted more excuses to be livid about this incredible injustice.

And I heard, “It’s Tuesday, April 9th. Blah Blah Company is closed today, due to weather.”

WHAT?!? I said this out loud, loudly. My husband squinted his eyes at me.

I hung up and called again. I put it on speakerphone and turned up the volume.

He sighed.


“Snow day, huh?” he said.

I couldn’t even answer.

Then things got a little happy:


Again, not an exaggeration. This was followed by about half a hour of giggling, wiggling, bouncing around, and replaying the message a few dozen more times. My husband didn’t even try to go back to sleep, and neither did I.

I couldn’t understand it, but I didn’t care. There was definitely no snow out there. Apparently there’s “a lot of wind” or something.

But as my husband says, “Snow days are like surprise Christmas.” So, surprise! Hooray! This is the best day ever.

Of course, the problem with snow days is that I can never think of anything that I want to do. I mean, there’s plenty of things I could do, but none of them are awesome enough to warrant doing on such a precious day.

So far, I’ve made some coffee and played a bunch of games on my Kindle. And now it’s time for a mild panic attack as I realize that my snow day is already half-over.

So, help me out. What is awesome enough to do on a snow day? Besides writing blog posts, obviously. What should I do?


13 thoughts on “Surprise Christmas can make or break my day.

  1. go somewhere and make a little shrine – like in the snow. put a picture of a geyhound bus on it (in your insanely cool artistic manner). make sure to draw a picture of a 47 year old man and his wife sitting midway back as they travel on their first ever greyhound trip (19 hrs from atlanta to dallas). Place it on the shrine, look to the heavens, point at the man and woman, and begin to shout, “THANK GOD I’M NOT THOSE PEOPLE STUCK ON A BUS…WITH NO SNOW!!!!” Then imagine the two little people and the smells they are smelling, the food they are not eating, and how slow the wifi is on the bus. Then shout some more…”SNOW DAY FOR ME!!” And know that the little man and woman are living vicariously through you, because they believe you actually did all this.

  2. Just enjoy a day of no big responsibilities. Our office closed, too . . . but guess where I am?! Yup. The office. We started a training yesterday and the show must go on. Here’s hoping for a make up snow day in two weeks.

  3. I completely understand! As a teacher, I’m usually the minority. Most of my colleagues are pointing out that we’ll be regretting this come June when we have to make it up, but I’m too busy freaking out with the kids at the possibility of sleeping in.
    And my favorite snow day activity is drinking wine at an inappropriately early hour 🙂

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