Don’t lend your limbs without identification



You know what might be a good idea? To get tattoos on different parts of your body to identify them. Like, you could have a tattoo on your leg that says “leg”. Or even “right leg” if you want to get really wild. And on your arms and fingers. That way, if you ever get cut into pieces, it would save the medical team valuable minutes while they’re trying to put all your stuff back together.


Also, what if in the future your limbs were removable, so that you could trade with people if they’re having a bad day? If that’s the case, you might want to label your limbs with your name, too, so that you would be sure to get them back. Because I imagine that getting your limbs back would be about as successful as getting books back from people.

Speaking of that, somebody owes me my “Mockingjay” book. You know who you are. Nah, you’re not reading this.


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